April 16, 2014

Girl Power in Action: Founders of Black Girls Social

April is all about Girl Power here at TheeFashionStories and our first interview is with the lovely founders of Black Girls Social, Tori Lee and Kellee Moore. Black Girls Social is a networking company supporting women of color to be who they are, unapologetically free to dream, create, 
explore the unknown and pursue all possibilities on their terms. Tori and Kellee manage an online community of like-minded women of color and host local networking events. BGS is located in Dallas, Texas.

I stumbled upon the Black Girls Social instagram page and was instantly hooked. I all look forward to seeing the uplifting and encouraging daily posts on the BGS page. After stalking their instagram page for a few weeks, I finally ventured onto the actual BGS website. I was excited to find out that women of color, like myself, were doing positive things to uplift and empower one another. That's when I knew that I had to interview the founders. It wasn't until maybe a month and a half later that I finally got the courage to reach out. But when I finally reached out to the BGS team they got me their interview question responses and pictures in no time! Well that's enough background knowledge! Keep reaching to learn more about the lovely founders of Black Girls Social, Tori Lee and Kellee Moore.

April 14, 2014

Prom in the City

Prom is the City was totally amazing! I know you're probably wondering what Prom in the City is and why the heck I was there. Don't worry I will get to that! This weekend I started my internship with Show Me Shoes and Prom in the City was my first event. Prom in the City was an event put on by Show Me Shoes and Julee Jones of Hot 103 Jamz where young ladies in high school were pampered and given prom dresses. Prom in the City was all about giving back to the community and making each young lady feel special! The day was action packed and filled with laughs. I had a really great time at Prom in the City. Below are more fabulous photos and details! So keep reading gorgeous!